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COVID19 Updates

Thank you for being a subscriber to the Golf in the NW Email List. We hope that you are all well, safe and healthy in your home, wherever your home  may be. Once you’re caught up with local golf now is the time to travel for golf as courses and lodging properties are ready for you.


COVID-19 concerns lead to modifications from golf courses and lodging properties.  We hope that you and your families are healthy. Please keep doing all you can to stay that way and prevent the spread of Covid 19.

Each property is different and if concerned beyond the what golf and lodging are doing listed below you should check the website of the respective golf or lodging property you’ll be visiting.

Golf Courses:

Golf is a healthy activity that can be adapted to respect the current physical distancing requirements and allow golfers the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.   Policies and procedures vary by golf course but most, if not all, operate with the following parameters.


  • STAY HOME - If you have traveled within the past 14 days.
  • STAY HOME - If you are experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms
  • STAY HOME - If someone in your household has COVID-19 Symptoms.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.
  • Limit touch points during your day, minimize contact as much as possible.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available but bring your own supply of hand sanitizer also.
  • Arrive to the course 20 minutes prior to reserved time.
  • Do NOT congregate before or after your round.
  • Physical distancing of 6 feet (2m) is required at all times.


  • Tee Times reservations are required prior to arrival. Book online or call the course directly.
  • Tee Time intervals generally have been extended at most courses to create more space and limit overall guest numbers.

Arrival/Check In:

  • Follow the signs and instructions at the course: Physical Distancing is Required, Hand Sanitizer Stations, Current Policies, Directions.
  • Remain in your vehicle until 20 minutes prior to your tee time.
  • See Pro Shop signage about spacing and guest limits.
  • Efforts have been taken to make check in as touchless as possible with Debit or Credit Card Tap payment. (Cash sales are generally not available at most courses at this time)
  • Don't congregate in groups, don't shake hands or high five.
  • Practice greens and driving range facilities openings vary, check with your intended golf course.

Power Carts:

  • Power carts will be thoroughly washed, disinfected and staged spaciously for guest use.
  • Most courses are allowing one rider per cart with the exception of players from the same household.   Again, each course is different so check with your intended golf course.
  • Coolers have mostly been removed from carts.
  • We ask that cart users empty garbage and recycling into supplied bins after the round.


  • Proceed to the tee only once the group ahead has left. Don't hit tee shots until the group ahead is putting (Par 4,5) or has left the green (Par 3).
  • Maintain physical distance on the tee and on the greens.
  • Groups will NOT play through other groups. Keep up an appropriate pace whether you're in a group of 2, 3 or 4.
  • Do NOT touch the flagstick. Cups have been raised to eliminate this touch point. Continuous putting is recommended.
  • Other touch points have been removed such as ball washers and bunker rakes. "Preferred Lies" in


  • Surfaces, touch points, doors, carts, washrooms will all be washed and disinfected thoroughly and frequently for guest and staff safety.


First and foremost, please know that lodging properties are focused more than ever on the health and safety of guests and their employees. Hygiene and cleanliness have never been more important - hotels and motels believe that they can never be "too clean. " 

Enhanced safety practices at the front desk and in the lobby.  Contact is minimized with staff – streamlining check-in and check-out processes.  Social distancing by ensuring a safe distance for interactions, and disinfecting anything you will touch – from the front desk surface to the pens used. Every key card is disinfected and sanitized with appropriate cleaning agents. 

Each hotel is focused on the well-being of their staff/employees – ensuring they are healthy. Staff is instructed to not come to work if they are not well – and if they question their health, asked to take their temperature and verify they are well.  Frequent wellness and safety training has been added while stressing the importance of wellness and strict adherence to our safety protocols. 

Prior to your stay, guest rooms will be sanitized, disinfected and closely inspected.  Every guest room is sanitized using enhanced cleaning techniques. Every guest room high touch point will be cleaned with chemicals aimed at killing the COVID-19 virus – door handles, light switches, thermostats, desk areas, hangers, television remotes, alarm clocks, coffee makers, telephones and all bathroom fixture handles and touch points.  Where you touch – it will have been cleaned with a focus on your safety.

Hotel housekeepers will wear gloves and masks to ensure your safety as well as theirs.  Of note, the room you stay in will likely have not been used for a period of 24 to 72 hours from the prior guest – a form of social distancing related to the life expectancy of the COVID-19 virus.  Prior to your walking through the door to your room, all linens and terrycloth products will have been washed in chemicals aimed at killing the virus, and at a high-heat temperature at which it cannot survive. Separate laundry carts are used for clean linens and towels to prevent cross-contamination, and all laundry carts are disinfected daily.  All laundry facilities and equipment are routinely inspected with only approved cleaning chemicals used.  Additionally, knowing you want to practice safe social distancing, stay-over service will not be provided unless specifically requested – and if requested the guest must leave the room. If you request clean towels, they will be provided through minimum personal contact – we can leave them in the room when you are not there. 

Third, while we recognize the importance of providing you a quality breakfast when you stay with us, we have implemented a breakfast program that ensures the food you receive is safe and healthy.  We have implemented a “Grab & Go” program that allows you to take a pre-packaged breakfast back to your room to eat – allowing you to social distance yet enjoy a complimentary breakfast. Importantly, breakfast area tables and chairs are sanitized whenever used.  Our promise to you is to provide a quality breakfast while respecting that your safety and well-being are paramount.

Fourth, public restrooms, fitness centers, and guest laundry– when we are allowed to open them (noting we comply with all government orders) – will be cleaned on closely-monitored schedules using disinfecting chemicals. Fitness equipment must be cleaned with a disinfectant after each use.  Every evening, these areas will be sanitized as we are focused on your health and well-being.

Stay healthy. Stay well.  All our best.


Golf in the NW

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